What makes me so happy?

Ever since I was a little child, I get very emotional when I achieve something or come across something good. Be it reading an amazingly written piece of work or visiting an art gallery; whether it is watching a stage performance or a movie - even if it is animated… I start to cry. Seriously! I cried while watching Toy Story, and I couldn’t even figure out why!

I always felt there was something buried inside my chest, nestled deep inside my heart. This little ‘something’ was like a bright flame, shining radiantly, flickering inside me… filled with happiness and excitement. Like a little fairy that lived within me. If I have to describe this little fairylike feeling, I would say, “It’s my red button embedded my heart and it has set off the alarm once again!” Now, when I take a look back into my past, I can see the connection. In every single work that I set out to do, if my red button was bright, shining and vibrating, the outcome of my work was exceptional. I excelled in everything I did, with the help of my red button.

I have always been a crazy multi-tasking person -definitely a non-controllable hard worker- and I work hard to get all my jobs done to precision. I believe that life is a non-stop learning process and I am forever trying to better my knowledge by learning things I didn’t know about before. It can be any random thing… like a new method to make crispy cookies or perfecting my bike riding skills. It is this attitude and behavior which I have adapted for myself that has given me an opportunity to improve my life in 360 degrees. Not just in business, but also on the family front. I learned how to use all the Adobe programs. Besides helping me out in business, it is also a common interest and conversation that I share with my son.

In my earlier line of work, I learned coding and web designing. Even though I was on the managerial side, this knowledge helped me tremendously when it came to communicating with my team of coders and designers in their own nerd language. I could empathize and understand them very well while they were trying to explain something that was hard to make clear to someone who doesn't comprehend the algorithm of it. I went on to learn graphic design, color information, basic designing and 101 kinds of things which I found ways to use in my work and life.

Even today, if I am reading a magazine, I also read the articles from the viewpoints of different people – a reader who is trying to learn and follow trends; or someone who is looking for inspiration; or maybe the reader is a publisher or a journalist who looks at the article with a whole different perspective. I jot down my observations and keep some details on colorful Post-It Notes.

Do not get me wrong. I am not trying to say that "you have to learn everything". What I am trying to simply say is that the capacity of a woman is amazing. Our brain has unlimited energy and is very open to learning. Women learn quickly and adapt very easily. What I am also trying to convey to you, is that learning is not a waste of time. As much as possible try and learn whatever you can in life. Never give up easily – you will never know when a situation will present you with opportunities in the future.

Need an example? Here I am. 

When we came to the US, it took me two years to settle down. Then I started to look at the options I had to land myself a job. I wondered if I should carry on with what I was familiar with, i.e. publishing, digital business, management, etc…, OR use my knowledge to do something entirely different. I made a pros-cons list. I wrote down all my skills and talents, and zeroed down to one beautiful possibility – I could create items and sell them. And moreover, I didn't require anyone else to create my online shop, manage social media, create branding, make a business plan, take decisions, or design things. Normally when starting a small business, there is so much to do at start-up. Without proper knowledge, one would have to hire people to carry out all the tasks I mentioned above. These little things would also cost you a lot of money. But since I already was aware of how this worked, I could save myself a lot of money and time. It was hard at the beginning, but I was happy to do it on my own. I began to learn embroidery. Very quickly, I picked up whatever I needed to know about embroidery with its different systems and file types. I was very happy and comfortable with learning embroidery.

So if you ask me again, what makes me so happy at the Happiest Embroidery & Gift Shop? Here are my answers;

Colors. Threads. Monograms. Tassels. Fabrics. New Designs. Cotton. Silk. Cashmere. Wall Arts. Gifts. Napkins. Linens. Towels. Pillows. Baby & Wedding Gifts. Blankets. Throws. Totes. Bags. Designing Baby & Kids Products. Beautiful tables. Celebrations. Parties. 

Doing what I love!

Loving what I do!

Working with amazing retail customers who have incredible vision.

Teaming up with wonderful talented customers who run their online shops and/or Etsy shops.

Giving service to amazing retail shops and other online shops as a boutique wholesale embroidery service.

Proudly working for Vineyard Vine, Pottery Barn, and J.Crew, team working with their wonderful team members and creating things with their amazing products.

Working with talented interior designers.

Giving back to our beautiful community.

Providing our service with immense pleasure and pride, to the best customers from all over America.

If I go back to the top this text, if I feel the light and vibration in my heart while I am working - as I do, every day in my store- it means I'm doing good, it's the best. If I love it, then people are going to love it too! If my red button is up and shining, it means "follow it". Go. Run. Follow your ideas. You are on the right path. 

So, I am the happiest!

“Never stop dreaming, 
never stop believing, 
never give up, 
never stop trying, and 
never stop learning.” 

Roy Bennet
The Light in the Heart

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