About Us

Proudly ready to serve you!

We offer you an extensively wide choice of custom apparel and a beautiful range of decorative accessories that will make you feel very glad you decided to stop in at our shop. 

Feel free to browse through our wide-ranging selection of items and choose any of our products that you think will suit your needs. Besides picking up items that you require for your personal purposes, our products are also an ideal way to show your family or loved ones, friends, teammates or colleagues that you care very greatly for them. Presenting them with high quality and uniquely designed personalized gifts will immediately and inevitably put you right on top of their list of favorite people.

We take immense pride in providing to all of our customers, a beautiful and unique embroidery service + screen printing. Our well designed and carefully executed work is carried out by our team of skilled and talented artisans. Each and every one of us is fully dedicated and passionate. We will put in our best efforts and ensure to do very best to see that your requirements are fulfilled to your complete satisfaction. We do not compromise on quality or standards. We use the best quality materials and special techniques which are what makes our work on products reliable and sustainable.

We use only the best available machinery for our embroidery work. The equipment that we use for our embroidery service is on the same platform as those used by well-known brand names in apparel and accessories like Disney, David’s Bridal, LL Bean, Nike, New Balance Shoes and Titleist Golf, to mention a few. The famous car company, Rolls-Royce, also uses the same type of machines to embroider their prestigious logo and designs on the luxurious, leather seats and cushions of their cars.

Happiest Embroidery & Screen Printing is family owned and operated company which started with the concept of making people around us happy and satisfied. 

We deal in apparel and accessories decoration and gift designs. Our primary and unique specialty is our embroidery service which is of top notch quality. As stated, our goal is to see that everyone around us is happy and so we do our best to obtain all our labor, staff, supplies, materials and other requirements from local and domestic sources.  Our exclusive team is always ready and willing to help you transform any regular and straightforward item like a towel, shirt, jacket, bag, cap, and hat into an exotic and unique one-of-its-kind piece – giving you the satisfaction of owning or presenting someone with a breathtaking designer item. We will assist you in choosing between the straightforward and sophisticated or trendy and up-to-date products so that they will match your requirements. Once we have finished our work, the result will surely make you an instant hit, creating the desired impression you intend to make your friends and family.  If you want to know more about our services, or would like to discuss an idea or plan that you have in mind, all you have to do is get in touch with us, and we will be euphoric to help you out in the best possible way we can!