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What makes our Mediterranean lightweight handmade towels your best choice?
Whether it is a bath, hand or even a kitchen towel, towels are very essential in our life. When buying a towel, it is important to choose absorbent and quick drying towels- but not all towels are same. How often have you picked up what you thought was the perfect towel only to be disappointed after couple of washes? Or reached for your towel after your shower, to find it still damp and musty from a prior use? We have an advantage over regular towels because we understand your problems. Our team of experienced women weavers uses well-preserved weaving looms to create our beautiful Mediterranean lightweight handmade towels. These women artisan put in great effort, love and special care into all their creations, making every towel a unique and perfect piece. We use old traditional weaving looms which we ensure are well-kept and thoroughly maintained. Since we use the ancient and traditional method of weaving, we produce a limited edition of unique handmade towels which are in high demand.

We offer choices of cotton, silk, and a fusion of cotton silk towels. Our towels are absorbent and lightweight, since the materials used for weaving are of finest quality. We are also proud of our well-designed and incredibly versatile towels. Besides being used as normal daily bath or hand towels - you can also use them to accessorize your home: - Place our fabulously designed towels across your table as a runner and see how it transforms the ambiance in your kitchen - Add charm to your living room furniture by throwing it over the back of your couch. - Instead of expensive paintings on your walls - our patterned towels can make exquisite ornamental wall décor.

Our lightweight towels also help to accessorize your personal wardrobe. Stylish and soft, our towels can be worn like a shawl or pashmina in order to compliment your outfit. They can be carried everywhere you go - your visit to the spa, sauna, hamman, salon, gym, yoga studio, pool or beach. Try draping these beautiful towels around you in various ways like a sarong! When travelling, our Mediterranean handmade towels do not take up room in your bag like their bulky counterparts. They can fit into any tiny microscopic spaces, reducing weight of your bag tremendously in contrast to regular towels. Maintenance of our towels is easy as they can be washed with little detergent and water - still coming out smelling fresh and clean. Their ability to dry up quickly makes them fantastic as daily bath towels.

To know why our towels are your best choice, we encourage you to pick up our Mediterranean handmade towels and experience the absolute delight of what they can do. Ordinary towels have a very short lifespan - they get threadbare and faded quickly. Contrary to this, our lightweight towels are extremely durable and last a minimum of 15 years. With love and care shown towards them, they will love you back for years to come. Our products also make excellent gifts. You can have them personalized with an embroidered name or memorable destination, making your gift a cherished one. Creativity and versatility of our towels allows you to feel free in using them whichever way you choose to suit your lifestyle.