Spread The Happiness

Receiving and giving happiness through shopping at Happiest Shop Ever

Happiest Embroidery & Gift Shop has a wide selection of unique and well-designed items from around the world. You will be pleased you visited our online store and will not leave empty-handed. We offer you the option of either selecting something directly from our range or having them uniquely designed to give your choice a personal touch.

But life is more than just being self-satisfied; there is a certain amount of immeasurable happiness felt when you give to others, especially to those less fortunate than you. Our store believes in the goodness of giving, and we are proud to offer you a way to spread the happiness you have received to others. 

When you buy from our store, you get the opportunity to make others happy. We are giving away t-shirts, hats, and bags to the children who are in need. We are doing this every quarter since 2016. 

Receiving these unexpected gifts will surely make a child feel loved and will bring tears of joy to the mother’s eyes - she will send out a silent thank you. Your simple yet generous gesture will have touched the hearts of a mother and her child. They may not be able to repay you for your kindness, but the blessings that you will receive from their feeling of gratitude will be endless. No act of kindness, big or small, has every gone to waste. We appreciate your contribution to our cause and together let us spread happiness and love.